OKC Hot Water Heater | Lakeshore Plumbing is here to answer your Questions!

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Do you need your hot water heater repaired? Or do you need a new one altogether? Do you need a new OKC hot water heater? Or do you need a new OKC Tankless hot water heater instead? For every homeowner, these questions will eventually come up, and as an average homeowner, we may not have an answer to these questions.

That’s where we come in here at Lakeshore Plumbing. We always have a technician ready and available to help you answer those sometimes complicated questions. Our techs are well trained in all aspects of hot water heater repair, and many times can get the part free of charge that will be needed for that repair. You see, most tanks come with at least a 6 year warranty and we are able to order that part through our supply house and install it. Even better yet, if we are the ones who originally installed the unit, we will provide the labor free as well, you can’t beat that!

Or maybe your OKC hot water heater is 14 years old, and can’t be repaired. Maybe the bottom is completely rusted out, and pouring water onto your flooring. Lakeshore Plumbing can help you with that too! We install high quality commercial grade AO Smith water heaters that will come with a 6 year parts and labor warranty so you won’t have to worry about paying for repairs on that unit for the next six years! We will also install a drip pan so when that one eventually wears out, you won’t have to deal with a flood and a mess. Our technicians are fully trained on how to bring your new tank install up to code and compliant with any new rules and regulations.

Our techs can also answer any questions you may have about whether to install a regular or tankless unit. Many of our customers are wish to have a more energy efficient unit to save both the earth’s and their own monetary resources, an OKC tankless hot water heater is a wonderful way to do that! Not to mention an endless supply of hot water, a lifesaver for those with large families who like to take long showers, or frequent guests.

So you may be wondering “Why should I choose Lakeshore Plumbing over some other company? Why are they so special?” Well, that’s a great question! Maybe we should ask some of our current customers how happy they were with the service they received from Lakeshore Plumbing Company? That’s right! Just go check out our Google reviews and you are sure to be impressed! The majority of our customers gave us a whopping five star review and that’s something we are proud of. We strive to be just that great for all our customers. And with over 20 years of experience in the plumbing field, highly trained journeyman with their years of experience and troubleshooting, we know Lakeshore Plumbing Company can make you just as happy as they are. So give us a call at 405-365-7379 and set up your service call today!!!