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Teflon is a source or product that make sure something isn’t sticking to another thing. Teflon is a plumbing tool that utilizes a white tape of threadlike material that goes around threaded ends to prevent leaks. This is because of the properties of the product that are able to weave into each other to prevent water from seeping through the threads. Threads are peaks and valleys are able to combine to either cinch a pipe or connect a pipe. Teflon prevents water leaking from out of their threads because of the way that the product is made. When a pipe doesn’t leak it is going to be utilize for several years because of the way that it naturally sets into itself and provides great service.

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Caulking is a product that goes around the creases of plumbing fixtures or tiling. This prevents water from seeping in to the crevices of any corner of the bathroom or kitchen. It is providing a safety sealed in order to prevent any mold or rock from forming behind a wood panel. If you have water seeping around your sink that you most likely have wood rot in a couple years if not months. If the proper conditions presented sell of you will likely see sagging immediately. You’ll love knowing that lakeshore professionals only use the top quality caulking to secure its projects in place.

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