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Have you ever had to shower with such low water pressure that it seemed like you had to run around in the shower just to get wet? Most people love to have a nice, long shower, especially after a hard day, and there are some who won’t be satisfied until the water pressure is high enough to take their skin off when they turn the shower on.

Well, if you live somewhere with high water pressure, you’ll find that hard blast of water that you like so much. I’ve heard a lot of complaints when someone moves from one area to another where the water pressure is lower than what they’re used to. High water pressure is a condition many people consider to be an advantage, and so the temptation is to ignore it. But the problem is that high water pressure will cause many more future costs caused by faucet, fixture, or appliance failure. This usually happens after any warranty has expired because it wears out the parts over time. So, it may not show a problem for a couple of years, maybe more. It could get so bad that it could lead you to need an emergency plumber in OKC. 

Domestic water pressure will always increase overnight because the usage is much lower, so if it starts out high during the day, it will be a lot higher in the evening. If there is an icemaker or an automatic quick-closing valve that operates overnight, the shock wave (water hammer) that it creates will be much higher. Whether it’s high or low water pressure, water hammer will be present unless a water hammer arrestor is installed, but those aren’t rated for any pressure higher than 80 PSI. They just won’t work. And they’ll leave you needing Oklahoma City plumbing repair. 

Water hammer is only one of the problems. Since your appliances are more than likely the most out-of-pocket expense that you have, in most cases they include your refrigerator and your washing machine, and so since those are two of the most used of all your appliances, it can have a real tangible expense, as well as discomfort and inconvenience if one or more of them goes out.

The good thing is that there is a relatively simple solution. That is to install a pressure-reducing valve, thermal expansion tank, and water hammer arrestors. Obviously, the pressure-reducing valve is self-explanatory, but it must be installed on the main supply for the house so there are considerations to have, but in these cases, the benefit outweighs the cost. Pressure-reducing valves have a backflow device in them that requires a thermal expansion tank to be installed on the water heater. This is usually simple since there is easy access to the piping. I mentioned the water hammer arrestors before, in most cases, they can be installed on the water lines under your kitchen sink.

It really is a kind of silent problem. A lot of people won’t know that it was the cause of their appliance failing unless someone knows to check for it. For some people, when we initially tell them about it, they see it (and sometimes rightly so) that it’s some new thing to charge them for that didn’t need to be there before. The truth is, in this case, it’s a very important device that will extend the lifespan of all your plumbing. Your plumbing is just like everything else, the harder you work it, the sooner it breaks down. When you add high water pressure to that, you’re going to have a lot more stress on everything hooked to the water supply. So, you can very quickly exceed the price of a pressure-reducing valve installation when you have to start fixing stuff.

Here at Lakeshore Plumbing, Heating, and Air, we offer top-tier service, the best materials, and the best warranty. Spring will sneak up on you, so call us to schedule an AC Tune-up. If you have high water pressure, hire an emergency plumber in OKC today. Reach out to Lakeshore for Oklahoma City plumbing repair. 



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